H5T System

Best for

Uneven floors
Clean, seamless glass aesthetic
Acoustic performance


Framing is easily connected with one turn of the “Twist Wizard.”

Low-profile design can accommodate single or double glazing.

Faux mullions available for segmented design.

Door options include hinged doors, sliding glass doors, and solid core doors.

Fully demountable and relocatable to accommodate future changes.

Door Options

Frameless Glass Swing Door

Frameless Glass Slider

H3 Framed Glass Door

H3 Framed Glass Slider

Tertial Framed Glass Swing Door

Tertial Framed Glass Slider

Wood Swing Door (Paint Framed Veneer)

Glass Options

Tempered 10 mm single

Tempered 12 mm single

Laminated 10 mm single

Laminated 12 mm single

Finish Options

Aluminum Framing

Clear Etched Anodized Silver

Textured Black

Grey Enamel and White Powder Coated

Laminate Wood

Nova White

Sunset Grey

Ingot Grey


Our Other Systems

H5 Frame System

Best for
Uneven floors
Substantial architectural aesthetic
Acoustical Performance

H5 Solid System

Best for
Uneven floors
Demising walls between offices, if glass is not desired

HT System

Best for
Level floors
Maximizing glazing as a result of minimalistic framing (Bottom track is just 30mm in height)